What is La Trame?


La Trame is a therapeutic technique that was developed in 1990 by a French physicist by the name of Patrick Burensteinas. He has been teaching this technique as well as other metaphysical and alchemical principles all over the world since then.


La Trame is the term used to describe the grid system that holds the body together.  It is a series of energetic lines that make up the pathways on which travels the information necessary for our bodies  to continue to exist and function in harmony. Another traveller on these pathways are our emotions. Although emotions can’t be seen or grasped, they are very real and we can feel their effects physiologically.

For most of us, we are born with free flowing pathways, the Trame of our body is clear and unencumbered.  When an emotion arises, we express it and our needs are either met or not, depending on our surroundings.  When we do not release the emotions either because we do not feel safe or because the shock of the moment is too overwhelming these emotions crystalize on the grid system and much like traffic in a busy city, one broken down vehicle, in this case a crystalized emotion,  can start to cause much congestion in the overall system. Over time, these blockages accumulate and because the flow of the information is not traveling freely it causes “dis-comfort” or more accurately for some “dis-ease”.  Whether this discomfort is experienced on a physical, an emotional  or a relational level it is perceived as suffering.

La Trame is effective for

  • Sleeping difficulties

  • Chronic Pain

  • ADD & ADHD

  • Digestive Difficulties

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Menopause

  • Fibromalgia

  • Depression

  • Migraines

  • Psoriasis & Eczema

  • PTSD

  • Plus many more

How La Trame works


The session can take between 30 to 60 minutes. After we have become comfortable with one another, I ask the client to rest comfortably on their back fully clothed.  I then give the body a series of 16 coded messages by placing my hands on very specific areas of the body.  The messages act and feel like a wave throughout the body. Imagine what a tsunami can dislodge or how the undulation made while shaking the dirt off a rug is capable of releasing particles deep within the fibres.  La Trame works as a wave on the quantic level without judgement and without analysis.  Because the mind  is not actively involved, the emotions are more freely brought to the surface and the body simply releases what does not belong, what no longer serves us.

The result is freedom. 

What you can expect?

Because the old blockages make us feel disconnected, during the course of your treatments you will become aware that the emotions, thought patterns and habitual patterns that caused you sadness, frustration and fear will start to slip away. This will result in a stronger self awareness, a renewed clarity in decision making and a greater ability to connect with your Highest Potential.

How do you know if La Trame is right for you?

Don’t decide that right away. You will know when the time is right.

It’s up to you…


It is important to respect a minimum of 3 sessions at 3 to 4 week intervals to begin with.

In general, 4 to 5 sessions will be adequate to stabilize the energetic balance needed.  It is possible however that additional sessions could be needed depending on each individual’s desired results.

La Trame Will Not:

As La Trame treats the individual holistically it is important to note that the practitioner (that’s me) will not:

  • give any physical diagnosis or prescription.
  • give any psychological interpretation or diagnosis 

La Trame is not meant to replace medical treatment nor should it delay a consultation with a health care professional.

Meet elyza

elyza is a self appointed “Peace Ambassador”

I can’t remember missing the opportunity to wish for “World Peace”. With every birthday cake, coin in the fountain or falling star I resisted the urge to wish anything for myself so great was this desire to contribute to Global Healing.

In 2008 during a minor surgery a mistake was made that seriously affected my liver. I knew that when not expressed, feelings of jealousy, hatred and fear are stored in the liver. Obviously everyone around me told me “No, you are not hateful, jealous or aggressive, you are good kind and gentle”. But I lived inside my head, I knew what was in there. My intuition was telling me that I should listen to my liver. At mediation group I made the simple remark “I don’t care to know what person or event caused me to store these feelings but I’m ready to let it go.” And the lady next to me gave me her card her name was Jane.

I will forever be grateful to Jane for this; La Trame has changed my life. It has been the most transformative tool I have found in all  my  years of discovery. It has brought forgiveness and healing to my body, my mind and my heart and it has improved my relationship with my self which in turn makes all of my other relationships so much more joyful and fulfilling. 

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